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Serpimetal is a Costa Rican company specialized in the manufacture by contract of sheet metal parts and the application of electrostatic powder coating.

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Find the advantages Serpimetal offers in Electrical Products 100% Costa Ricans and Certified

Serpimetal uses high tech and controlled processes, and using certified raw materials according to the customer’s specifications.

Back up

We guarantee the quality of our products, as part of the commitment shown by our Quality Systems

Custom Design

We are experts in manufacturing solutions according to your specifications

Productos Eléctricos SEE
Delivery Time

We are highly committed to the success of your projects, and able to respond quickly and promptly to our customers in Costa Rica and Central America

Electrical Certification

Some of our products have INTECO electrical certification that meets the electrical code regulations in Costa Rica

Awesome Prices!

We work to achieve the best value for money on the market

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Contact our team and we will provide you with more information about our services and electrical products

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