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Self-Standing Control Board (TAS)

Self-Standing Control Board

 Product Description

The TAS is a set of floor-standing metal cabinets designed to protect electric and electronic systems like switch boards, UPS systems, Variable Frequency Drives (AFD), capacitor banks, voice, data, and other telecommunication equipment.

Its is made of 14-gauge (1.9 mm) cold rolled steel and consists of four vertical supports which were made to providing strength and consistency to the cabinets. The back and side covers are made with 16-gauge (1.5 mm) cold rolled steel and the front door is made with 14-gauge (1.9 mm) steel.

The design is flexible by giving the user the possibility of making different panel configurations according to their requirements and by modifying more than one cabinet.

All parts are made using CNC fabrication technology and finished with RAL 7030 embossed gray color for high quality and industrial environments condition resistance.

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Model Dimensions (mm)
1400 900 600
1800 900 600
2200 900 600