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Certified Wire Ducts UL (DAE-HP Y DAE-G)

Ducto Certificado UL DAE-HP y DAE-G

 Product Description

These two types of wire ducts are UL certified and listed as E488997-20171019. They are designed according to the UL 870 norms to protect wire installations against dust and dirt and they provide easier installation and distribution of wires. The wire ducts are suitable on applications like control board powering, industrial lighting, motor control, and switchboards, among others.

Both the DAE-HP and DAE-G have the same design and finishing, although the DAE-HP is made of 16-gauge cold rolled steel, and the DAE-G is made of 16-gauge G60 galvanized steel, so it’s designed for highly corrosive environments.

The trams and fittings are made using CNC fabrication technology and a RAL7042 glossy grey color powder coating finish made of polyester. This high-quality finish provides long-lasting color in industrial environments. It is also available in a black and white powder coating finishing.

The set includes all types of required accessories for changing directions with 90° and 45° elbows, crosses, tees, reductions, flanges, joints which provides easy installation and access.

Short sections of 1ft., 2 ft., and 5 ft. are available making it unnecessary to cut sections and make adjustments yourself. These sections are cut according to NEC´S article 316.100 which mentions that “surfaces must be protected against corrosion.” It is also cut according to the UL 870 norm 6.3 which mentions that wireway surfaces must be free of burs and sharp edges.

Cutting or modifying the wire ducts will void the UL Certification.

Top covers are equipped with galvanized latches for an easy access and safe closing.

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Model Dimensions (mm)
Cross Section Area (mm²) Useful Cross Section Area (mm²) Wire Gauge
63.5 63.5
4032 806 2 AWG
76.2 76.2
5806 1161 1 AWG
101.6 101.6
10323 2065 4/0 AWG
152.4 152.4
23226 4645 500 MCM
Model Dimensions (mm)
Height (inches) Width (inches) Lenght (inches)
Caliber Conduit Preview
2.5 2.5 8,5,2,1
16 (1,5 mm) (1/2”-3/4”-1”)
3 3 8,5,2,1
16 (1,5 mm) (1/2”-3/4”-1”)
4 4 8,5,2,1
16 (1,5 mm) (1/2”-3/4”-1”-1 1/4”)
6 6 8,5,2,1
16 (1,5 mm) 1/2”-3/4”-1”-1-1/4”-2”